Container House

Hi-sea container houses or container homes are prefabricated.Our container homes are widely used for dormitory,shop,hotel,coffee shop,office,hotel,villa,toilet,shower room,kitchen and so on.Its structure is made of steel.It is waterproof and heatproof.Our container house can be designed according to the standard size of shipping containers.It can also be welded and modified.The basic components of container house include steel frame,roof,floor,wall,floor,window.The main materials,such steel material,sandwich panel,EPS,PU,PVC,plywood,aluminum,etc,can be custom-made.

Hi-sea can provide various container homes,such as 20ft container house,40ft container house,shipping container house,modified container house,prefabricated container house,assembled container house,folding container house,expandable container house,demountable container house,movable mobile container house,flat pack container house,container office,container coffee shop,container hotel,container dormitory,etc.Of course,our container houses or container homes can be customized according to your special requirements.For any further information,welcome to contact us directly.Hi-sea will provide high quality products and excellent service.

Features of Container houses:

Quick installation,CE certification is available,various and professional designs,customization is available 

Long service life,at least over 10 years,good waterproof,windproof and heatproof ability

Environmentally friendly,energy saving and cost saving,easy to assemble and disassemble,can be combined freely

Convenient transportation,installation service can be available