Dredge Gate Valve

Dredge Gate Valve is to open and close pipe lines for slurry transportation on dredge vessels or ships.The diameters is from 250 to 1400mm.It has low pressure(8kPa),medium pressure(15kPa) and high pressure(15kPa).The design is easy for installations.The valves has high wear-resistance feature.Our dredge gate valve can be customized according to your requests.For more information,please contact us freely.

The main features are as follows:

1.A polished knife gate is installed, made out of stainless steel.

2.The proven design and technology are widely used in the dredging industry.

3.The gate valves are equipped with electric open/closed sensors.They are designed to be maintenance friendly.

4.Special dimensional requirementsuch as mounting dimensions of the gate valve can be met upon request.

5.The gate valves are designed to cope with highly abrasive slurry and to open and close smoothly in severe operational environments.

6.Reinforced rubber ring seals are installed for a perfect seal.The rubber seal provides an efficient and free passage of slurry mixture in the pipeline when the slide is open.