Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Sipbuilding steel plate as a kind of specialized steel plate is used for shipbuilding and offshore platforms. Hi-Sea Marine as a professional exporter of marine material is capable of supplying various kinds of marine steel plates, including general strength shipbuilding steel plates, high strength shipbuilding steel plates and ultra high strength shipbuilding steel plates. The nominal yield strength of the steel plate is in the range of 235MPa to 690MPa. Its actual yield strength is superior to its nominal strength in general. The plate that we offer has superior toughness, high strength, excellent corossion resistance and good weldability. All shipbuilding steel plates are certified by renowned classification societies. Besides, we provide you full selection of plate sizes: the thickness range is 2.5 to 350mm, the width range is 900 to 4850mm, and the length range is 1500 to 25000mm. If you have any special requirement, we are able to customize the size for you.

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