Aluminum Anode

Aluminum zinc indium system (AZI) sacrificial anode is casted by high purity aluminum, zinc, indium and other metal alloy.

Aluminum alloy anode is produced in line with the implementation of GB4948-2002 Aluminum Zinc Indium Alloy Sacrificial Anode.

The aluminum anode can prevent the corrosion of steel structure in seawater, widely used for the anti-corrosion of the ship hull, 

pressurized water tank, seawater pipeline, port and terminal facilities, marine engineering, drilling platform, condensator and pipelines in soil. 

The performance of aluminum anode is influenced by the chemical composition of the alloy, so we offer different composition of aluminum alloys to meet our customer requirements.

Product Categories:
1. Ordinary Aluminum Alloy Sacrificial Anode;
2. Highly Activated Aluminum Alloy Sacrificial Anode;
3. High Efficiency Aluminum Alloy Sacrificial Anode;
4. High Temperature Aluminum Alloy Sacrificial Anode;
5. Bracelet Type Aluminum Alloy Sacrificial Anode.

Certificate: CCS, BV, DNV

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