Spiral Duct And Duct Fitting

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Our company can offer spiral duct and duct fittings, If you need them, please contact us in time.

The spiral duct market is generally divided into three categories according to materials: galvanized spiral duct, stainless steel spiral

duct and composite spiral duct.


1. Smooth appearance, no zinc, burr, silver white
2. Easy to install, less connection point
3. Low ventilation resistance, low ventilation noise; good strength and  rigidity
4. Can replace some processes that require hot-dip  galvanizing
5. Good corrosion  resistance
6. It is completed by hot-dip galvanizing method and is suitable for strong corrosive environments such as strong acid and alkali mist.
7. Spiral duct can be affixed with insulation material, beautiful  appearance
8. According to customer requirements, we can design and customize various specifications of air ducts.

Duct fittings including joint, sleeve, 90°„ elbow, 45°„ elbow,30°„ elbow, 15°„ elbow, tee, oblique 45°„ tee, cross, reduced joint, pendent and so on.