Stud Welding Machine

Our company specialize in kinds of stud welding machines.

They are widely use in boiler, shipbuilding, power plant, chemical engineering, mechanical equipment, various pipeline, vessel, bucket, vehicle manufacturing etc.

Welding objects thickness 3mm, welding M4mm, M6mm, M8mm, M10mm, M13mm, M16mm, M19mm, M22mm, M24mm, M28mm, M36mm pins, studs, pin bolts, special-shaped pins, corrugated pins, anchoring parts etc. similar studs and bolts.

1. Features of the stud welding machines:

(1) Adopt IGBT Inverter technology.

(2) The user have two choices: single gun stud welding machine or double gun stud welding machine. 

(3) Low price, more efficient, less weight, safe and reliable.

(3) Easy control and digital display of welding voltage, current and time.

(4) Special torch with extending cable, large lift force, low heat and durable.

(5) Inner circuit board is under water proof, anti-corrosion, damp proof and dust proof treatment.