Life-saving Immersion Suit

Immersion suits are designed to protect people in situations where the danger of hypothermia is great, thereby increasing your chances of survival greatly. The chances of survival when immersed in water are improved only by the ability to remain dry and maintain the body temperature in a comfortable condition.

Our immersion suits are made of reinforced neoprene. There is incorporates a face seal and flap, front waterproof zipper, ankle cuffs, neoprene pockets and retro-reflective tapes. All these features have been designed to protect you against cold, without diminishing the freedom of movement during you immersing in water.

Certification: EC type MED or CCS certificate,SOLAS (74/96),

In accordance with the International Life-Saving Appliance Code, and MSC.81(70).

According to the latest SOLAS specifications for hypothermia protection, it is really ideal to apply use on board ferries, offshore drilling rigs, rescue boats, man-overboard boats and also commercial ships.