Hook is one of the most common sling in hoist machinery. To meet the increasing demands of clients, we have manufacture a variety of hooks. According to their structure, they could mainly be divided into safety hooks, clevis hooks and eye hooks. Clevis hooks are simple to assemble with chains without any intermediate coupling-links. And eye hooks are foolproof. They can used with omege links, connecting links and other lifting components. Besides, they can serve in many circumstances. And Special specification and marks can be made according to customers requirement.

In order to assure the quality of products and to be responsible to the clients, the company strictly carries out the Quality/Environment management system document. All the procedures from raw material purchase to delivery will be strictli examed. The advanced technical design crafts and equipments are completely adopted. The essential working procedures are controlled completely by the computers.

Certificates: CCS, CE, DNV, ABS, NK etc.

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