Lifting Sling

Lifting sling is a soft lifting product. As a renewed product of wire rope and chain, it is made of non-metallic materials. Compared with similar metal rope or chian, the product is relatively lightweight. With this sling, problems in lifting of large tonnage and small space for lifting can be readily solved. The sling is characterized by light weight, long service lifetime, shock resistance, non-conducting and corrosion-resistant. The sling can protect the lifted objects from scratch. International standard colors are used in the sling for differentiating the carrying tonnage. After the label on the sling is worn in operation, carrying weight can be identified by the color of jacket of the sling.

Our company has more than 7 years of experience in production and supply of lifting slings. In additon, we also co-operate with other excellent factories. Therefore, they are availabel in a wide range of types and sizes, such as round slings, webbing slings, rope-type slings and so on. The price is very competitive. What is more, our professional sales team will provide you with the best service.

Certification: CCS, CE, ABS, NK, ISO, TUV, etc.

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