Dredge Ball Joint

HI-SEA Dredge Ball Joint includes 15 degrees tilting angle and 18 degrees tilting angle.Dredge ball joint provides a flexible load-bearing connection between sections of a pipeline.The principle field of application is in floating lines,whose sections are supported by pontoons or other buoyancy.The dredge ball joint ensures a flexible connection of the different pipe sections.It is capable of transmitting high loads from one section to another.There are various pressure levels,such as 10,20 or 30bar.In addition to the use in floating pipelines,dredge ball joint can also be used in swan-neck bends in suction and discharge pipelines.The dredge ball joint can also be applied as a replacement for stern turning glands in cases where,besides pure torsion freedom along the longitudinal axis,an amount of tilting is also required.


1.Easy assembly and dis-assembly.

2.It is hard to leak with flexible seal.

3.Liner is made from war-resistant materials.And it is replaceable.

4.Quick fix,low cost.

5.Operate at low friction.

6.Low,medium and high pressure,high efficiency.


Our dredge ball joint can be customized according to your special requirements.For any more information,please feel free to contact us directly.We will offer you excellent service.