Turnbuckle is a kind of hardware, which is used to adjust the connection length of connetion objects.It use lead screw to stretch out or draw back. So they can adjust the tightness of wire rope.The type of OO model is used in the occasion that less often been removed. CC type often used to been removed, and CO type used for the occasion that one side is often been removed while the other side is not. And it is easy to installation and operation because of its simple but solid structure. But you should make sure that at least 25% of the length of screw has enter into the body of turnbuckles. It also has the advantages of easy processing, low cost and wide practicability. So, it is especially suitable for power line, shipping and construction.

All the turnbuckles were produced strictly according to international standards. And the strength of the inspected sample must equal to that of the steel wire rope. So, the connection parts would not release or break. Besides that our turnbuckles have complete specifications, enough stock and competitive price. What¡¯s more, special specifications and marks can be made according to customers requirement.

Certificates: CCS, CE, DNV, ABS, NK etc.

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