Pipeline Flame Arrestor

Flame arrester is prevent flammable gas, liquid flame spread and prevent the tempering and cause safety device of explosion. Usually used in the following occasions:
(1) pipeline transportation of flammable and combustible gas;  (2) storage of petroleum and petroleum product tank; (3) the ventilation pipe explosion hazard system;  (4) the oil vapor recovery system; (5) network to regenerative furnace combustion gas;  (6) the exhaust system of internal combustion engine; (7) the torch system.
2.Shell material:Carbon Steel,Aluminum,Stainless Steel;
3..Diaphragm:NBR/PTFE/Metal Gasket;
4.Flame arrestor material:Stainless Steel;
5.End type:Flange,Buttwelding or Thread;
6.Flange standard:HG,GB,SH,HGJ,JB,ANSI,JIS.