Marine Sewage Pump

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Sewage submersible pump is mainly used for emergency rescue ships, pumping water with cabin. It is widely used in municipal, pumping stations, construction and other industries with solid and all kinds of long fiber of silt, waste water, city life sewage discharge processing, at the same time is applied to biogas digesters in rural areas, rural irrigation, water plant water supply and sewage device.


Three classes of submersible sewage pumps exist:

Smaller submersible sewage pumps, used in domestic and light commercial applications, normally handle up to 55mm spherical solids and range from 0.75 kW to 2.2 kW.


Larger submersible sewage pumps, handle 65mm and larger solids and normally have a minimum of 80mm discharge. They are generally used in municipal and industrial applications for pumping sewage and all types of industrial wastewater.


Submersible sewage chopper pumps, which are used to handle larger concentrations of solids and/or tougher solids that conventional sewage pumps cannot handle. Chopper pumps are generally used in municipal and industrial wastewater applications and provide clog-free operation by macerating those solids that might clog other types of submersible pumps.