20ft Prefabricated Container House

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20ft Prefabricated Container House

20ft Prefabricated Container House

This container house is also called prefabricated container house.Its outer dimension is 7000* 2800 * 2800mm. It can be designed according to customersĄŻ special requirements.If you are interested in our container house,please feel free to contact us directly for any more information.Best service will be available.

Note:Our container house can be customized according to clientsĄŻ special requirements.Welcome to contact us directly for any more information.

Technical Parameters: HS20PC

Technical Parameters of 20ft Prefabricated Container House


Outer dimension:7000* 2800 * 2800mm.

Steel skeleton

Structure:Light steel structure;Made of Q345;Four corner posts using 5mm hot plate,other 1.8mm box board

Forklift mouth: Made of Q345;Entire distance is 3mm,the center distance is 1170mm

Surface: Sandblasting,anti-rust,zinc-rich epoxy primer,epoxy siderite intermediate paint,polyurethane topcoat

Roof and wall

Roof outer: 1.2mm steel plate

Insulation: 50mm rock wool

Door: Getting out is 3mm steel plate steel door;The size is 860 * 2050 mm;open outwards

Window: plastic-steel window;The size is 600 * 600mm.The glass thickness is 4mm,push-pull,with screens


4mm pattern iron plate

Floor opposite uses 3mm hot plate


Floor and pattern plate:75mm rock wool for insulation

Electrical installation

Voltage: 220V, 50Hz ~ 60Hz

GB outlet: 3

20ft Prefabricated Container House

Picture of 20ft Prefabricated Container House

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