Expandable Container House

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Expandable Container House

Expandable Container House

This expandable container home is also called combination container house.Hi-sea container house uses modular design. It can form a large space through the combination of horizontal and vertical direction.The vertical direction can be laminated.Our expandable container house has simple structure,so it is easy to install.The steel frame is welded.

Our expandable container house can be moved frequently.The production period is short,all fittings have been assembled in the factory.The container house will be folded to save space during transportation.Therefore,It can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled.

Hi-sea expandable container house has multi-usages,such as apartment,hotel,house,office,shop,villa,warehouse,plant,carport,sentry box,kiosk,booth,toilet,guard house,etc.

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Technical details: HSEC41

Technical details


Openable size:5650*6612*2560mm

Closed size:5650*2100*2560mm

Steel frame

Corner fitting:ISO standard corner fitting

Base frame:3.0mm steel plate blending

Base secondary frame:2.5mm steel plate blending

Corner fitting:2.5mm steel plate blending

Strength column:50*50mm steel square pipe

Roof frame:3.0mm steel plate blending

Roof strength purlin:100*50mm steel square pipe

Openable flooring frame:50*50mm steel square pipe

Openable roof strength girder:3.0mm steel plate blending

Openable wall slot:3.0mm steel plate blending

Wall panel

External wall panel:75mm EPS sandwich panel

Roof panel:75mm EPS sandwich panel

Strength roof panel:0.5mm color steel plate


Base flooring:plywood floor

Decoration floor:whole floor

Compressive project

Roof insulation:50mmEPS+75mm glass wool

Wall slot:0.5mm color steel blending

Outside corner cover:0.5mm color steel plate blending

Rollers:4pcs with connection


Basic configuration

Luxury configuration



Packing size


Another large size


Packing size



50mm sandwich panel

75mm sandwich panel


Plastic steel window

Aluminum alloy window

Internal door

50mm sandwich panel(including lock)

75mm sandwich panel(including lock)


Plastic steel double glazed door(without lock)

Aluminum alloy double glazed door(with lock)


Preserved plywood

Preserved plywood


Plastic flooring(including skirting line)

Laminate flooring(including skirting line)


Sink with cupboard(PVC panel),water supply and drainage system


Shower,seated toilet,wash basin with cupboard(PVC panel),towel rack+mirror+paperboard

Water supply and drainage

PPR water pipe and fittings


Ceiling lamp,power receptacle,switch and circuit facilities

(Note:These specifications are for reference.We provide customization for clients according to special requirements.)

Expandable Container House

Expandable Container House(1)

Expandable Container House

Expandable Container House(2)

Expandable Container House

Expandable Container House(3)

Expandable Container House

Materials of Expandable Container House

Expandable Container House

Pictures of Expandable Container House

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