Weld Type Container House

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Weld Type Container House

Weld Type Container House

Hi-sea weld type container house is easy to remove.The frame of this container house is welded.Comfortable interior can be offered according to various uses. Hi-sea has many years experience and will provide various professional designs for you.This container house can be customized according to clients special requirements.If you are interested in our products,please feel free to contact us directly.Best service can be available.

Characteristics of Weld Type Container House:

  • Heatproof and waterproof,environmentally friendly
  • Long service life,over 10 years,service for installation
  • Convenient transportation,expense saving
  • Could be lifted, fixed and combined freely
  • Good ability to assemble and disassemble for several times without damage

Technical Parameters: HSWT38

Technical Parameters

Dimensions and weight

Inner length:5.71m;external length:6.06m

Inner width:2.188m;external width:2.438m

Inner height:2.33m ;external height:2.591m

Weight:2000kg per unit

Steel framework

Pillar material:light steel structure,steel material Q235,thickness 3.5mm

Surface treatment:Sand blasted,base coat 55m thick epoxy paint,final coat 55m thick vinyl acrylic painting

Fittings:8 standard moulded container corner fittings,PVC standard rainwater pipe

Forklift openings:100*250mm size,1200mm spacing


External wainscot:Flat galvanized,colored sheet steel,0.4mm thick

Floor structure:16channel steel down girder,square pipe floor purlins either 60401.5mm or 80402.0mm in dimension

Insulation:50mm EPS/50mm rock wool/50mm PU

Floor:18mm plywood panel in the general room 20-40mm cement board and ceramic tilling in the WC,kitchen and other rooms requiring water proofing 1.5-2.0mm thick PVC floor leather in the living rooms

Permitted loading:2.0KN/O

Coefficient of thermal conductivity:k=1.1W/Ok


Girder:70502.5mm square tube

Roof exterior:1.2mm steel plate

Inner wainscot:4mm MDF decorated with wallpaper or PVC

Coefficient of thermal conductivity:k=0.55W/Ok



External and wainscot:Galvanized and painted(29m)stamped corrugated steel panel,1.2mm thickness

Insulation:75mm rockwool /50mmPU/75mmEPS

Inner wainscot:Plywood with decorative veneer

Permitted loading:1.0kN/O

Coefficient of the thermal conductivity:k=0.442W/Ok


External door:Steel security door with 850*2100mm opening,with lock and keys

May also be wood,steel or sandwich panel door


Window material:White PVC,dimensions:1130*1000mm

Glass thickness:3mm,sliding window with fly screen and grill guard

Also available as PVC windows with rolling shutter or other style of window as confirmed with the client

Note:The size of container house can be customized according to customers" p="" requirements.<="" special="">

More designs of Weld Type Container House are as follows:Weld Type Container House

Picture of Weled Type Container House

Weld Type Container House

Photo of Weled Type Container House

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