20ft Living Container House

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20ft Living Container House

20 ft Living Container House

This kind of container house is 20ft.It is a kind of single-box activity room(standard room).The size is 6058*2438*2700mm.The wall insulation of this container house uses 75mm EPS composite panels thermal resistance R20;The main steel frame is made of high strength steel 8 degrees seismic intensity ,80KM/hour design wind speed and EPS polystyrene flame retardant.It is fit for being a living room.

Advantages: HS20LCH

Good sealing performance;Strict manufacturing process;

Convenient transportation,especially for frequent replacement construction point unit;

Durable,all-steel,having a very strong ability to resist earthquake,good resistance to deformation;

Easy accessibility,superior performance,high stability,good shock resistance,waterproof,fireproof.

The house are based on the standard steel chassis,so a lot of combination space can be derived from it;

Note:Hi-sea container house can be customized according to your special requirements.For any more information,welcome to contact us directly.Best service can be available.

20ft Living Container House

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