20ft Easy Assembled Container House

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20ft Easy Assembled Container House

20ft Easy Assembled Container House

This container house has various usages,such as workers quarters,rental housing and living room,etc.It is made of steel frame.Therefore,the structure is firm and durable.It is convenient to build.We can design different types of easy assembled container house according to your special requirements. For any more information,please feel free to contact us directly.

Note:The size of 20ft easy assembled container house can be customized according to your special requirements.Welcome to contact us directly if you have any question.

Technical Parameters: HS20EAC

Technical Parameters of 20ft Prefabricated Container House


Outer dimension:6058* 2438 * 2790mm.

Steel skeleton

Structure:Homemade skeleton,60mm EPS sandwich panels and ceiling

1 composite door,2 steel windows,3 ordinary sockets,an air-conditioning outlet,2 ceiling-mounted luminaires,cement fiberboard and PVC floor leather floor.

Roof and wall

Roof outer: 1.2mm steel plate

Insulation: 50mm rock wool

Interior decoration:Use MDF


4mm pattern iron plate

Floor opposite uses 3mm hot plate


Floor and pattern plate:75mm rock wool for insulation

20ft Easy Assembled Container House

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