Assembled Container House

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Assembled Container House

Assembled Container House

Hi-sea assembled container house has many advantages,such as low cost,easy installation,low transportation cost,etc.The structure of assembled container house is made of steel tube .And it is connected by screw.What¡¯s more,it can be moved after finishing installation.Our container house is usually suitable for accommodation,office,hotel,large camps,temporary house,exhibitions,construction sites,etc.

Note:Hi-sea assembled container house can be customized according to clients¡¯ special requirements.For any further information,welcome to contact us directly.

Advantages of Assembled Container House: HSAC40

Convenient to transport and store

Good earthquake resistance

Heat preservation and insulation

Fast and easy to assemble and disassemble

Low cost and energy saving,environmentally friendly

Various designs,Customization is available

Technical Parameters:

Roof load:0.3KN/per square meter

Floor live load1.5KN/per square meter

Wind load:0.5KN/©O

Seismic intensity:7 grade

Configurations and Materials:

Configurations and Materials


50mm/75mm thick EPS/rock wool/PU sandwich panel/phenolic board


UPVC or aluminum sliding window with fly screen, shutter window


50mm/75mm thick EPS/rock wool/PU corrugated sandwich panel, color steel tile


Plaster board ceiling, PVC ceiling, 50mm/75mm thick EPS/rock wool/PU sandwich panel


Aluminum frame with panel same , compound wooden door, security door, rolled door

Steel structure

Anti-rust, panited. Include rivet, screw, guvet

Connection material

Steel column/ aluminum alloy

More Designs of Container House are as follows:

Assembled Container House

Assembled Container Home

Assembled Container House

Assembled Container House(1)

Assembled Container House

Package of Assembled Container House

Assembled Container House

Assembled Container House(2)

Assembled Container House

Different types of Assembled Container House

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