Children Immersion suit

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Children Immersion suit

Children Immersion Suit:

1. Material: neoprene

2. Buoyancy: more than 100N

3. Packaging Detail: One pc packed in one carton,

4. Carton size: 48*29*26cm, G/W: 4.5KG, N/W: 3.7KG

5. Size: L (for 6-10 years old)


1. Children immersion suit

2. EC/OEM approved

3. Good Quality

4. Best Price

5. Equipped with life jacket light, whistle.

Wearing instructions:

1. Put legs into pants of the suit

2. Arrange the nylon connector of the pants in order to squeeze out air.

3. Put arms into the suits and wear the cap, zip up the watertight zipper.

4. Wear the wave shield to cover the mouth and nose and float on the water so that the face toward up.

5. To turn on the suit-lamp please pull down the ring and do not need to take out the lamp from the suit,

if a sea-water battery is used, it must be taken out from the suit and put into water. Please turn on the lamps only by need.

Children Immersion suit

Children Immersion suit-A

Children Immersion suit

Children Immersion suit-B

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