Adult Immersion Suit

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Adult Immersion Suit

Adult Immersion Suit:

This product complies with relevant requirements of 1996 amendment to the international convention for the Safety of life at sea (SOLAS) and the international life -saving appliance code. It has the function of waterproof, buoyancy and heat preservation. It's equipped with the whistle and the position indication light.


1. Used for both seaman and passengers. Applies to unrestricted service

2. Passed approval: CCS&EC

3. Material: PE foamed plastic

4. Reflection strip: Common reflective tape or 3m reflective tape


1. Weight: About 4.3kg.

2. Time of wearing: °‹2min

3. Buoyancy: Buoyancy°›110N; After falling into water the wearer within 5 seconds keep heads, neck, and shoulder above the water; Freeboard°›120mm; Buoyancy loss after24h: °‹5 percentages.

4. Standard: In accordance with the 1996 amendment to the International Convention For the Safety of Life at sea (1974), the International Life-saving Appliance Code, And regulations for the statutory surveys of ships and offshore installations (1999)

5. Heat preservation performance: The wearer floating 6h in the 0 degree~2 degree lenitic, heat doesn°Įt reduce less than 2°„C.

6. Waterproof performance: After dipping in water 1h, add the weight°‹200g.

7. Store temperature: -30 degree~+65 degree

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