Life Saving Suit

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Life Saving Suit

Life Saving Suit:

Immersion suits are designed to extend a personˇŻs survival by several hours while waiting for rescue. The chances of survival when immersed in water are improved only by the ability to remain dry and maintain the body temperature in a comfortable condition. Our immersion suits are made of reinforced neoprene. There is a flap, front waterproof zipper, ankle cuffs, neoprene pockets and retro-reflective tapes. All these features have been designed to protect you against cold. Welcome to contact us on this immersion suit.

1. Material: 5mm 100% neoprene
2. Buoyancy: more than 147N
3. Color: Orange/ Customized
4. Dressing time: <2 minutes
5. Size: M, L, XL
6. Weight: 2.5kg
7. Certificate: EC, CCS
Part of Suit:
1. Pillow: it is designed with a buoyancy pillow, so do not need extra lifejacket.
2. Zipper: 67cm length water tight zipper with plastic puller.
3. Reflective tape: SOLAS reflective tape, 5cm x 10cm
4. Gloves: 3 finger Neoprene gloves
5. Boots: Neoprene Material with Rubber sole
6. Belt: black webbing belt with steel D-ring.
7. Accessories: water-proof light, whistle.


1. Water proof: water penetrated in less than 200g (under 1 hour floated in water)

2. Thermo-insulation performance: temperature decrease<2ˇăC (6 hours deep in the water with -2ˇăC~0ˇăC)

3. Floating force: the wearer can turn over within 5S, so his face toward up and the nose and mouth portion is 120mm

above the water level, the floating force loss of the suit is less than 5% after 24hours in water.

Life Saving Suit

Life Saving Suit-A

Life Saving Suit

Life Saving Suit-B

Life Saving Suit

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