Shipbuilding Steel Plate

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Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Shipbuilding Steel Plate

We are capable of providing various kinds of shipbuilding steel plates. Compared with regular steel plates, the marine steel plate has superior toughness, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and good weldality. Besides, the marine steel plate is manufactured under rigid standards. We are able to supply common strength marine steel plates, high strength marine steel plates, ultra high strength marine steel plates and steel plates for offshore platforms. The tensile strength is from 400MPa to 940MPa. The minimum nominal upper yield strength is 235MPa. All marine steel plates that we supply are certified by renowned classification companies and we can provide you relevant certificates. If you are interested in our plates, welcome to contact us.

Reasons for Choosing Hi-Sea Marine:

• High quality steel plates, certified by renowned classification societies

• Sufficient goods in stock

• To support customization

• Competitive price, high cost performance

• Delivery on time

• Rich experience in import and export trade

• Professional pre-sales and after-sales service

Grades of Shipbuilding Steel Plate (The Adopted Standard: ABS)


Steel Grade

General Strength


High Strength

AB/AH32, AB/AH32N, AB/DH32, AB/DH32N, AB/EH32, AB/EH32N, AB/FH32, AB/FH32N, AB/AH36, AB/AH36N, AB/DH36, AB/DH36N, AB/EH36, AB/EH36N, AB/FH36, AB/FH36N, AB/AH40, AB/AH40N, AB/DH40, AB/DH40N, AB/EH40, AB/EH40N, AB/FH40, AB/FH40N

Ultra High Strength

AB/AQ43, AB/AQ43N, AB/DQ43, AB/DQ43N, AB/EQ43, AB/EQ43N, AB/FQ43, AB/FQ43N, AB/AQ47, AB/AQ47N, AB/DQ47, AB/DQ47N, AB/EQ47, AB/EQ47N, AB/FQ47, AB/FQ47N, AB/AQ51, AB/DQ51, AB/EQ51, AB/FQ51, AB/AQ56, AB/DQ56, AB/EQ56, AB/FQ56, AB/AQ63, AB/DQ63, AB/EQ63, AB/FQ63, AB/AQ70, AB/DQ70, AB/EQ70, AB/FQ70

Plate Sizes

Thickness range: 2.5~350mm

Width range: 900~4850mm

Length range: 3000~25000mm

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Pictures of Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Shipbuilding Steel Plate

General Strength Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Shipbuilding Steel Plate

High Strength Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Super High Strength Shipbuilding Steel Plate

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