Z25 Shipbuilding Steel Plate

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Z25 Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Z25 Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Through-thickness ductility is used as a measure of the resistance of steel plate to lamellar tearing during and after welding. The through-thickness tension testing of the shipbuilding steel plate shows that its reduction of area is over 25%. We are capable of providing various kinds of Z25 steel plates, such as AB/BH32 Z25, AB/FH36 Z25, AB/AQ63 Z25, AB/FQ70 Z25... Besides, we provide you a full selection of plate sizes. If you have any special requirement, we also can customize steel plates for you. Shipbuilding steel plates provided are certified by renowned classification societies. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.

Our Advantages:

• High quality products, certified by authoritative classification societies

• A full selection of steel grades and steel sizes

• Rich experience in import and export trade

• Fast delivery, effective logistic distribution system

• Professional pre-sales and after-sales service

Available Z25 Shipbuilding Steel Plates:


Steel Grade

General Strength

AB/A Z25, AB/AN Z25, AB/B Z25, AB/BN Z25, AB/D E35,AB/DN E35,

AB/E E35, AB/EN E35

High Strength

AB/AH32 Z25, AB/AH32N Z25, AB/DH32 Z25, AB/DH32N Z25, AB/EH32 Z25, AB/EH32N Z25, AB/FH32 Z25, AB/FH32N Z25, AB/AH36 Z25, AB/AH36N Z25, AB/DH36 Z25, AB/DH36N Z25, AB/FH36 Z25, AB/FH36N Z25, AB/AH40 Z25, AB/AH40N Z25, AB/DH40 Z25, AB/DH40N Z25, AB/EH40 Z25, AB/EH40N Z25, AB/FH40 Z25, AB/FH40N Z25

Super High Strength

AB/AQ43 Z25, AB/AQ43N Z25, AB/DQ43 Z25, AB/DQ43N Z25, AB/EQ43 Z25, AB/EQ43N Z25, AB/FQ43 Z25, AB/FQ43N Z25, AB/AQ47 Z25, AB/AQ47N Z25, AB/DQ47 Z25, AB/DQ47N Z25, AB/EQ47 Z25, AB/EQ47N Z25, AB/FQ47 Z25, AB/FQ47N Z25, AB/AQ51 Z25, AB/DQ51 Z25, AB/EQ51 Z25, AB/FQ51 Z25, AB/AQ56 Z25, AB/DQ56 Z25, AB/EQ56 Z25, AB/FQ56 Z25, AB/AQ63 Z25, AB/DQ63 Z25, AB/EQ63 Z25, AB/FQ63 Z25, AB/AQ70 Z25, AB/DQ70 Z25, AB/EQ70 Z25, AB/FQ70 Z25

Plate Sizes:

Thickness Range: 6~350mm

Width Range: 900~2200mm

Length Range: 3000~12000mm

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Z25 Shipbuilding Steel Plate Z25 Shipbuilding Steel Plate

Z25 Shipbuilding Steel Plate

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