Lifting Sling

Lifting Sling

Lifting sling generally made from high tenacity polyester filament yarn, which endows it with high strength, wear resistance, oxidation resistence, ultraviolet radiation resistance, etc. It is widely used in a variety of fields. According to its appearance, it can be devided into round type, webbing type and webbing type.

Features of lifting sling:

1. Light-weight, flexible and easy to use;

2. No damage to the objects appearance;

3. High safe coefficient for lifting;

4. Higher tensile strength

5. Beautiful color make it easy to be tell apart;

6. It has long serivce life, good decay and wear resistance;

7. Widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power, military industry, transportation, port loading and unloading, chemical industry and so on.

Safety notes:

1. Do not use damaged lifting sling;

2. Avoid the tie knot during use;

3. Each sling should be inspected carefully before use;

4. Please consult us if it is used in polluted chemical or high temperature environments.

Lifting Sling

Common Round Sling

Lifting Sling

High Tensile Eye Type Round Sling

Lifting Sling

Braided Type Round Sling

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