Polyurethane Lighthouse

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Polyurethane Lighthouse

Polyurethane Lighthouse

Polyurethane lighthouse is a fixed luminous navigational mark that helps guide ship sailing at sea or indicates obstruction, dangers or sends warning signals to ships.

Features of Polyurethane Lighthouse

1. Lighthouse Surface is sprayed with Polyurethane Elastomer which have the features of wear resistance, waterproof, anti-impact, anti-fatigue, aging resistance, thermostability.

2. Beacon can be assembled by several segments and connected by inner flanges

3. Colors of the lighthouse match the requirements of the International Associations of Lighthouse Authorities; Bright color with high visibility;

4. Robust Structure; Can withstand wind with the speed 50m/s

5. Safety Guarantee; Equipped with anti-theft lock

6. Lightning Protection Equipment is Available

7. Equipped with Radar Equipment

8. Solar Panel or Battery Power Supply

9. Large Working Platform; Easy to Access

Specification of Polyurethane Lighthouse

1. Diameter: 1.5m

2. Pillar Height: 15m

3. Effective Range: 5 nautical miles

4. Wind Resistance Grade: 50m/s wind speed

5. Material: Steel, Spray Polyurethane Elastomer

6. Color: Black and Yellow, Red, White or any of IALA Colors

7. Application: Port, Harbor, Reef, River etc.

8. Certificate: CCS/IALA/ISO

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