5m to 20m Glass Reinforced Plastic Light Beacon

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5m to 20m Glass Reinforced Plastic Light Beacon

5m to 20m Glass Reinforced Plastic Light Beacon

This light beacon is made of glass reinforced plastic material and is designed in line with the provisions of IALA maritime buoyage system in region A. GFRP light beacon consists of alightning rod, a lamp holder, a pile body, a ladder and so on, used under general natural environment.

Beacon¡¯s Use and Maintenance

1. The main body of light beacon is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. The beacon door is installed with special anti-theft lock. Besides, there is a lightning rod on the top of beacon. This beacon is applicable to marine environment.

2. Technical Parameters of Light Beacon

A. Diameter: 1~1.5m

B. Height: 5~15m

C. Error of Perpendicularity: £¼10

D. Beacon Intensity: wind-resistance strength £¾50m/s

E. Designed Life: no less than 25 years

F. Total Weight: 1580kg

G. Beacon Color: red and white

3. Beacon canadopt periodic maintenance and irregular matintenance method for maintenance after being putting into use.

The maintenance of the beacon body usually takes the following aspects into consideration: the perfect condition of the structure; the bright degree of the surface color etc.

The purpose of non-regular maintenance is to prevent the impact of unexpected events on beacon. In the event of natural disaster such as typhoons and other accidents, shall be checked, checking whether the beacon is in normal use.

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Certificate: IALA,CCS, ISO9001

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