12m Fiber Reinforced Plastic Light Beacon

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12m Fiber Reinforced Plastic Light Beacon

12m Fiber Reinforced Plastic Light Beacon

12m FRP light beacon is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, consisting of lightning rod, beacon lights, lamp holder, solar panels, free maintenance battery, battery box, pile body, inner ladder, light beacon based embedded parts and so on, suitable for normal use under general condition of natural environment.

Technical Parameters of Light Beacon

1. Diameter: 1.5m

2. Height: 12m

3. Error of Perpendicularity: 1

4. Beacon Intensity: wind-resistance strength 50m/s

5. Designed Servife Life: no less than 25 years

6. Total Weight: 1880kg

7. Body Color: White

8. Solar LED Naivgation Light: HD300-L

9. Lamp Color: White

10. Lamp Flashing Rhythm: Flashing

11. Efficient Intensity: 1400cd

12. Lamp Power:20W

13. Supplying Power for above 15 days of continous rain

Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Certificate: CCS/IALA/ISO

Customized Service: all the size, diameter, height or other specifications can be designed according to customers requirements.

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