Light Beacon Aids to Navigation

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Light Beacon Aids to Navigation

Light Beacon Aids to Navigation

Light beacon is a luminous fixed navigation aid set near the channel islands, capes, ports, jetties and other places. Its light range is generally less than 15 nautical miles. Generally, most of the light beacons are unattended except some important ones.

Functions of Light Beacon

1. Marking the position of lands or as one part of navigation mark;

2. Marking the obstruction or dangers of channel or near the waterways;

3. Marking the lateral boundary of the channel or navigable waterway;

4. Marking a region, or turning point or joining point of a channel

Features of Light Beacon

1. Light Weight: Easy for transportation

2. Simple Installation: can be assembled

3. Corrosion Resistance Material

4. Long Service Life

5. Robust Structure: withstand wind speed up to 60m/s

6. Maintenance Free for A Long Time

7. IALA Colors, Never Fade with High Visibility

8. Available Solar Power Supply

9. Equipped with Lightning Protection Equipment

Specification of Light Beacon

1. Beacon Body Diameter: 0.8m~1.2m (customizable)

2. Total Height: 4.5m~15m (customizable)

3. Wind Resistance Grade: wind speed 45m/s to 60m/s

4. Color: Red and White or as required

5. Material: UHMWPE, FRP, Steel

6. Service Life: 10~50 years

7. Certificate: CCS/IALA/ISO

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