15m Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Light Beacon

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15m Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Light Beacon

15m Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Light Beacon

The navigation light beacon made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material is a kind of large navigational aid facility that is widely used at home and abroad.

GRP tower has the features of light weight, simple installation and long service life by using high strength glass fiber cloth as a substrate, and using a saturated poly amine resin material as adhesive agent to make beacon body and other components in the prefabricated wood model, among which the base part is strengthened by steel structure.

According to user¡¯s requirements, the surface color of GRP beacon can be obtained by the process of pre coloring of the material and according to the international IALA coating requirements processing. Due to the consistence of surface color and material body, the surface color can last for a long time.

Technical Parameters of Light Beacon

1. Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics

2. Diameter: 1.5m

3. Height: 12~15m

4. Error of Perpendicularity: £¼10

5. Beacon Intensity: wind-resistance strength £¾50m/s

6. Designed Life: ¡İ25years

7. Total Weight: 2580kg

8. Beacon Color: blue and white or as required

Certificate: IALA/CCS/ISO9001

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15m Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Light Beacon

Drawing of GRP Light Beacon

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