Lighthouse is a tower-shaped fixed luminous navigation marker designed to be used as a navigational aid for ships at sea or on inland waterways.

Application: coast, port, river or other places

Material: UHMWPE, GFRP, Steel etc.

Color: All IALA Colors

Body Diameter: 0.8m~1.2m or as required

Total Height: 4.5m~15m or as required

Wind Resistance Grade: Grade 17 Typhoon

Beacon Service Life: 50 years

Color Retention Time: 15 years

Sun-proof Level: Level 8

Certificate: CCS/IALS/ISO

Main Components: Pillar, Top Platform, Climbing Ladder, Protective Fence, Solar Panel, Lanterns, Radar, Lightning Rod, Anti-theft Door etc.

Features of Lighthouse: high corrosion resistance, light weight, strong structure to withstand high grade wind, maintenance free, long service life, simple installation and transportation, self coloring etc.


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