Onshore Light Beacon

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Onshore Light Beacon

Onshore Light Beacon

Onshore light beacon is a fixed visual navigational aid that helps ship sail safely, indicate hazards or obstructions near waterways or have other functions. It is often fixed at the channel islands, capes, port, breakwater or other areas.

Features of FRP Light Beacon

1. Light Weight, easy to transportation

2. High Intensity

3. Can be manually assembled

4. Self Coloring, won¡¯t fade in a long time

5. Connected by stainless steel bolts, won¡¯t rust

6. Long Service Life

7. Beautiful Appearance

Specification of Onshore Light Beacon

1.Body Diameter: 1.0m

2.Temperature Range: -40~+55¡æ

3.Wind Resistance Strength: 45m/s

4.Service Life: 10 years more

5.Weight: 900kg if 10m high

6.General Thickness: 10mm

7.Connection Part Thickness: 12mm

8.FRP Foundation Thickness: £¼12mm

9.FRP Pillar Height: 5.5m~10m

10.Mounting requirements: Concrete foundation fitted with 24 stud bolts of 16mm, on D=1680mm p.c.d.

11.Installation Area: coast or inland river

Components of Light Beacon: Beacon Body, Solar Panel,Lightning Rod, Inner Ladder, Anti-theft Door, Lamps etc.

Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics

Color: Green and White, Red, Black, Yellow or any as required

Certificate: CCS/IALA/ISO

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