Navigational Lighthouse

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Navigational Lighthouse

Navigational Lighthouse

Navigational lighthouse is a navigational marker that aids ships sail safely at sea or on inland waterway. It can mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals, reefs, and safe entries to harbors.

Features of Navigational Lighthouse

1. High Corrosion Resistance

2. Self Coloring Material, Bright Color with High Visibility

3. Strong Structure to Withstand Typhoon

4. Available Solar Power System

5. Available Marine Lanterns, Radar Equipment and Lightning Rod

6. Long Service Life: up to 50 years

7. Maintenance Free

8. Simple Installation and Easy Transportation

Specification of Navigational Lighthouse

1. Body Diameter: 1.2m (customizable)

2. Total Height: 10m (customizable)

3. Top Platform Diameter: 2m (customizable)

4. Foundation Bolt PCD: 1.1m (customizable)

5. Material: FRP, UHMWPE, Steel(optional)

6. Color: Green and White or any others as required

7. Certificate: CCS/IALA/ISO

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