Aluminum Alloy Navigation Lighthouse

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Aluminum Alloy Navigation Lighthouse

Aluminum Alloy Navigation Lighthouse

Being widely used in all kinds of navigation aids in recent years, aluminum ally navigation lighthouse has become a large navigational aid after the GRP light beacon and steel light beacon.

Features of Aluminum Alloy Navigation Lighthouse

1. Light Weight

2. Simple Installation

3. Long Serive Life

4. Anti-corrosion Resistance for the use of anti-corrosion paint and passivation treatment

5. Never Oxidise for the use of marine grade aluminum alloy material

6. Great Anti-wind Ability


1. Lighthouse Body: marine grade aluminum magnesium alloy

2. Protective Fence: Aluminum Alloy or stainless steel

3. Surface: anti-corrosive paint approved by International Association of Classification Societies

Size: optional

Color: Red and Green or as required

Certificate: CCS/IALA/ISO

Customized Service: To meet customer¡¯s special requirements, our company can design specially for our customers. The diameter, size, height etc. are optional.

After-sale Service: once you face any problem when you use our products, please feel free to contact us. We¡¯ll try to help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

Aluminum Alloy Navigation Lighthouse

Drawing of Aluminum Alloy Lighthouse

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