Light Beacon

Light Beacon

As a fixed luminous navigation marker, light beacon can guide the ships to sail safely or indicate the dangerous area. It provides convenient access to the ship and services for the island fishermen.

Features of Light Beacon

1. Light Weight

2. Easy to Transport and Install

3. Reliable and Strong Structure

4. High Intensity

5. Maintenance Free

6. Self-colored Material, High Color Retention

7. Long Service Life

8. High Corrosion Resistance

9. Typhoon Resistance

Specification of Light Beacon

1. Material: UHMWPE, FRP, Steel or Aluminum Alloy

2. Body Diameter: 0.8m~1.2m (customizable)

3. Height: 4.5m~15m (customizable)

4. Color: All IALA Colors

5. Color Life: 15 years

6. Pillar Service Life: 50 years

7. Wind Resistance Grade: 17 Grade Typhoon

8. Sun-proof Level: level 8

9. Certificate:CCS/IALA/ISO

Main Components of Light Beacon

1. Beacon Pile Body

2. Inner/Outside Climbing Ladder

3. Sealed Anti-theft Door

4. Lightning Rod

5. Guard Rail

6. Top Platform

7. Solar Power Supply System

8. Radar Equipment

Our Service: we supply both the standard products and the customized products produced according to customer¡¯s special requirements. We aim to provide the best quality products and the excellent service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Light Beacon

UHMWPE Light Beacon

Light Beacon

GFRP Light Beacon

Light Beacon

Steel Tube Light Beacon

Light Beacon

Aluminum Alloy Light Beacon

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