6T Low Headroom Air Chain Hoist

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6T Low Headroom Air Chain Hoist

6T Low Headroom Air Chain Hoist

Low headroom air chain hoist works on the edge of I-steel track. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, textile, storage, production line of home appliances, automobile, shipping building and other industries. Cooperating with various non-standard clamps, pneumatic hoist can lift workpieces with all kinds of shapes.

Product Details:

1. Model: 6T low headroom air chain hoist

2. Power source: Compressed air

3. Usage: Hoist

4. Working Pressure: 0.6 Mpa

5. Lifting Height: 3m

6. Motor Output Power: 3.5kw

7. Rated Load speed: 1.8m/min

8. Air Consumption: 5.5m³/min

9. Trolley Running Speed: 6m/min

10. Product Weight: 12kg

11. Packaging: Gunny bag or carton then on steel pallet

12. Special specification and marks can be made according to order quantity


1. Suitable for limited low headroom situation.

2. Strong power, solid structure, low noise.

3. Overload protection to ensure safety.

4. Stepless speed regulation is available when lifting or lowering.

5. High efficiency, easy to operate.

6. Precision positioning.

6T Low Headroom Air Chain Hoist

Sketch of 6T Low Headroom Pneumatic Air Chain Hoist

6T Low Headroom Air Chain Hoist

2T Low Headroom Air Chain Hoist

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