220kg Zero Gravity Air Balancer

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220kg Zero Gravity Air Balancer

220kg Zero Gravity Air Balancer

One of the most important functions of it is that, it loads under the suspension state, when people add external force to it, it can move with the force in the three-dimensional space to stay in any one of the ideal space. Whats more, it can realise repeatedly displacement.

The elestic floating properties help workers to realise free lifting or down, and moving of heavy objects on the three-dimensional space. It help them solve many problems easily that would encountered in the assembly.

Product Details:

1. Model: 220kg air balancer

2. Power source: Compressed air

3. Usage: Hoist

4. Working Pressure: 0.7 Mpa

5. Lifting Height: 1m

6. Capacity: 220kg

7. Air Consumption: 0.36m³/min

8. Product Weight: 62kg

9. Packaging: Gunny bag or carton then on steel pallet

10. Special specification and marks can be made according to order quantity

Technical Features:

1. Bearing: Thrust bearing adopts double dust prevention ball bearing

2. Cylinder piston: The lubrication grease of piston and cylinder wall are imported form German. The compressed air into cylinder, push the piston to move, such making it more lubricant.

3. Gas valve: The precision piston motion control the gas value to achieve the floating ang balancing.

4. Handle: The push button handle preciselly control the lifting and lowering speed.

5. Air outage protection. The brake can directly control the power transmission part to make it lock automatically to prevent the object fall.

220kg Zero Gravity Air Balancer

220kg Air Balancer

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