1T Single Hook Pneumatic Hoist

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1T Single Hook Pneumatic Hoist

1T Single Hook Pneumatic Hoist

The main productions we can provide including pneumatic chain hoist, low headroom pneumatic hoist, mini pneumatic chain hoist and monorial pneumatic hoist.

Pneumatic chain hoist consist of lifting mechanism, running mechanism and air-supply system. The lifting mechanism can realize the rise and fall of objects through controlling main valve. The running mechanism can realize the horizontal move of lifting objects through control pneumatic motor and planetary gear reducer. Compressed air is the power source of air-supply system, which can control the lifting and travelling of pneumatic hoist.


1. Adjustable lifting speed. Stepless speed regulation is available when lifting or lowering.

2. Run fast. The speed of it is 3 times of electric hoists and 5 to 10 times of manual chain hoist.

3. Convenient operation. The rod control is easy to operate when lifting or lowering, which can quickly respond to handle the output instructions.

4. Clean, safe and reliable. Internal lulbrication system eliminate the air pollution, and make it suitable for tide, wet, dust and other harsh working environment.

Product Details£º

1. Model: 1T single hook pneumatic chain hoist

2. Power source: Compressed air

3. Usage: Hoist

4. Rated Load speed: 4m/min

5. Capacity: 1ton

6.Working Pressure£º0.6 Mpa

7. Motor Output Power: 1kw

8. Lifting Height: 3m

9. Air Consumption: 1.5m³/min

10. Product Weight: 35kg

11. Packaging: Gunny bag or carton then on steel pallet

12. Special specification and marks can be made according to order quantity1T Single Hook Pneumatic Hoist

Sketch of 1T Single Hook Pneumatic Chain Hoist

1T Single Hook Pneumatic Hoist

0.98T Single Hook Pneumatic Chain Hoist

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