0.5T Pneumatic Chain Hoist

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0.5T Pneumatic Chain Hoist

0.5T Pneumatic Chain Hoist

Because pneumatic hoist has good explosion-proof performance, it is widely used in chemical industry, textile, paint, logistics, port and other workplaces with inflammable, explosive, high temperature, high dust and strong corrosive environments. It can avoid the problem of inaccurate positioning of ordinary lifting equipment. Beside it beautiful appearance, it has advantages of small size, light weight, easy to carry, solid structure, reliable operation and less maintenance than electric hoists.

Product Details£º

1. Model: 0.5T pneumatic chain hoist

2. Power source: Compressed air

3. Usage: Hoist

4. Rated Load speed: 5-10m/min

5. Capacity: 0.125-0.5ton

6. Working Pressure£º0.6 Mpa

7. Motor Output Power: 0.75kw

8. Packaging: Gunny bag or carton then on steel pallet

9. Special specification and marks can be made according to order quantity


1. Convenient operation. The rod control is easy to operate when lifting or lowering, which can quickly respond to handle the output instructions.

2. Clean, safe and reliable. Internal lulbrication system eliminate the air pollution, and make it suitable for tide, wet, dust and other harsh working environment.

3. Air outage protection. The brake can directly control the power transmission part to make it lock automatically to prevent the object fall.


0.5T Pneumatic Chain Hoist

Sketch of 0.5T Pneumatic Chain Hoist

0.5T Pneumatic Chain Hoist

0.5T Pneumatic Chain Hoist with Suspension Hook

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