440kg Tandem Type Air Balancer

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440kg Tandem Type Air Balancer

440kg Tandem Type Air Balancer

Tandem type air balancer doubles the load capacity of a single type balancer. The working principle of air balancer is the practical application of pneumatic control technology. The pneumatic transmission is stable, even the load changes, the working speed of it is stability. By balancing valve and manual switch, it can achieve lifting and balancing of objects. The elestic floating properties help workers to realise free lifting or down, and moving of heavy objects on the three-dimensional space. Whats more, it can realise repeatedly displacement.


1. Positioning accuracy and the function of elastic floating.

2. Simple adjustment, small working entensity, high efficiency.

3. Low air consumption, ruuning clean without oil.

4. Strong power, solid structure, low noise.

5. Less parts, simple maintenance, long sercive life.

6. With overload protection, expired, no-load protection, etc.

7. The security protection function.

Product Details:

1. Model: 440kg tandem type air balancer

2. Power source: Compressed air

3. Usage: Hoist

4. Working Pressure: 0.7 Mpa

5. Lifting Height: 1m

6. Capacity: 440kg

7. Air Consumption: 0.36m³/min

8. Product Weight: 62kg

9. Lifting Speed: 8.5m/min

10. Number of wire rope: 2

11. Packaging: Gunny bag or carton then on steel pallet

12. Special specification and marks can be made according to order quantity

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