MGG Marine Power Cable for Passenger Ship

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MGG Marine Power Cable for Passenger Ship

MGG Marine Power Cable Applications

Marine shipboard power cables are used for power systems of cargo ships, Passenger vessels and Special-purpose vessels.

MGG Marine Power Cable Construction

1.Conductor:Annealed Stranded Bare Copper,Class 2
2.Insulation:HEPR (Crosslinked Hard grade Ethylene Propylene)
3.Filler or Tape
4.Sheath:Cross linked polychloroprene rubber

MGG Marine Power Cable standards

International:IEC 60092-351;IEC 60092-353; IEC 60092-359;IEC 60332-3-22
National:DIN 89160/98

MGG Marine Power Cable Electrical Characteristics

1.Rated Voltage Uo/U(Um):600/1000V
2.Test Voltage:3500V

MGG Marine Power Cable Usage Characteristics

Minimum installation temperature
Minimum operating temperature
Short-circuit max.conductor temperature
250 °„C
Max.conductor temperature in service
85 °„C
Flame Retardant
IEC 60332-3 Cat. A
Smoke Density
IEC 61034
Gases Corrosivity
IEC 60754-2
Gases Toxicity
No toxicity to IEC 60754-1

Minimum Internal Bending Radius

1.For overall diameter of cables<25mm 4°Ńcable diameter
2.For overall diameter of cables> 25mm 6°Ńcable diameter

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