FA-TPYCY Shipboard Medium Voltage Power Cable

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FA-TPYCY Shipboard Medium Voltage Power Cable

FA-TPYCY Shipboard Medium Voltage Power Cable

FA-TPYCY Shipboard Medium Voltage Power Cable application

This Cable can be applied in Marine&Offshore and various ships, ship repair and oil platforms and other offshore buildings control device and general electric lighting,machinery and equipment of factories and mines are also equally applicable.

FA-TPYCY Shipboard Medium Voltage Power Cable standards

JISC 3410-1999
IEC 60092-350
IEC 60092-354
IEC 60332-1
IEC 60332-3 Cat.A(for FA-type)

Cable Model




Cable construction

MV power and lighting cable diagram

FA-TPYCY Shipboard Medium Voltage Power Cable

Conductor T(S) Tinned annealed stranded copper, class 2 according to IEC 60228
Conductor screen Semi-conducting compound
Insulation P 85ˇăC EPR as per IEC 60092-351
Insulation screen Semi-conducting compound /Tinned copper tape
Filler Non-hygroscopic material (If necessary)
Bedding Y PVC,ST2 type
Armor C
Galvanized steel wire braid(-C TYPE) or
copper alloy wire braid(-CB TYPE)
Sheath Y PVC ST2 type
Core identification 3C Red, Yellow, Blue
Outer sheath color Red

Installations recommendations
Minimum cable bending radius
The internal radius of cable bends which are not subjected to movements by expansion, is not to be less than :
6 times the external diameter of cable
Cable which are subjected to movements by expansion and the high voltage cable are to be bent to a form of at least 12 times cable diameter.
Installations temperature
Minimum recommended temperature of installations :
-10ˇăC Ship wiring cable with PVC sheath
-20ˇăC Elastomeric on/off shore cables
Installations pulling force
The cable pulling force can be estimated, as a maximum limit :5Kp per mm2 conductor area in the cable.Additional tension will be supplied from the braid and the insulation and sheathing compound.

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