MGCG Cargo Ship Marine Power Cable 0.6/1KV

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MGCG Cargo Ship Marine Power Cable 0.6/1KV

MGCG Marine Power Cable 0.6/1KV Applications

Marine shipboard power cables are used for power systems of cargo ships, Passenger vessels and Special-purpose vessels.

For fixed installations on ships and offshore-units in all locations and open deck.

The good screening qualities of the copper braid also reduce radio interferences and electrical influences to electronic installation.

The cables meet the flame test requirement for bunched cables acc. to IEC 60332-3-22 and IEEE45-18.13, and perform to the SOLAS requirements.

All cable materials are free of halogens. This design ensures that non corrosive and low toxic gases are emitted in case of fire. Therefore, these cables are especially suitable for the installation on passenger ships.

MGCG Marine Power Cable 0.6/1KV Cable Construction

1.Conductor:Annealed Stranded Bare Copper,Class 2
2.Insulation:HEPR (Crosslinked Hard grade Ethylene Propylene)
3.Filler or Tape
4.Armour:Separator tape,Bare copper braid,Separator tape
5.Sheath:Cross linked polychloroprene rubber


MGCG Marine Power Cable 0.6/1KV Standards

International:IEC 60092-351;IEC 60092-353; IEC 60092-359;IEC 60332-3-22
National:DIN 89158/98

MGCG Marine Power Cable 0.6/1KV Electrical Characteristics

1.Rated Voltage Uo/U(Um):600/1000V
2.Test Voltage:3500V

MGCG Marine Power Cable 0.6/1KV Usage Characteristics

Minimum installation temperature -10 °„C
Minimum operating temperature -35 °„C
Short-circuit max. conductor temperature 250 °„C
Max. conductor temperature in service 85 °„C
Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um) 0.6/1 kV
Test voltage 3500 V
Flame retardant IEC 60332-3 Cat. A
Smoke density IEC 61034
Electro magnetic interference resistance Yes
Gases corrosivity IEC 60754-2
Gases toxicity No toxicity to IEC 60754-1
Standard DIN VDE and IEC

Minimum Internal Bending Radius

1.For overall diameter of cables°‹25mm 4°Ńcable diameter
2.For overall diameter of cables>25mm 6°Ńcable diameter

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