Marine Fiber Optic Cable

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Marine Fiber Optic Cable

Marine fibre optic cable application

This cable is used on petrol platforms to transmit information.

Marine fibre optic cable Standards

YD/T 901-2009

IEC 60332-1-2

Marine fibre optic cable Service Condition

Temperature:-40 to 60

Marine fibre optic cable Specification

Number of Core GYTA
Diameter Reference Weight(kg/km)
Min. Max.
4-30 11.5 13.5 175

Item Unit Technical Parameter
Single Mode Multi Mode
Fibre Type B1.3 A1a A1b
Core Diameter m 8.6~9.5 503 62.53
Wrap Diameter m 1251 1253 1253
Fibre Max Attenuation dB/kM 1310nm,0.361550nm,0.22 850nm,2.71300nm,1.0 850nm,3.51300nm,1.5
Tensile(short term/long term) N 1500/600
Crush(short term/long term) N/100m 1500/600

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