CJ86 Fire Resistant Armored Marine Power and Control Cable 0.6/1KV

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CJ86 Fire Resistant Armored Marine Power and Control Cable 0.6/1KV
This product is used in ships,petrol platforms and offshore buildings for power,light and control systems,usually used for fixed installation in most areas and open deck in ships.Design to meet requirements for improved EMC screening properties.If the cable is exposed to direct sun light protective covering or cable with black outer sheath is recommended.

Stranded copper wire 1.0mm2 to 10mm2 Class 2
Stranded copper wire 16mm2 to 240mm2 Class 5(Flexible)
Separate tape
Copper tape,covering 100%
Copper wire braided,covering 90%
Thermoplastic Polyolefine(SHF1),On requesting Thermosetting Polyolefine(SHF2)
standard colour black, other colours on request.

CJ86 EMC Armored Power and Control Cable Diagram

CJ86 EMC Armored Power and Control Cable Diagram

Applied Standards:

Design IEC 60092-353
Conductor IEC 60228 Class 2,Class 5
Insulation IEC 60092-351
Sheath IEC 60092-359
Flame-retardant IEC 60332-1-2 -test for single insulated wire and cable
IEC 60332-3-22 -test for bunched wires and cables, category A
Halogen-free IEC 60754 series
Smoke emission IEC 61034 series
Transfer Impedance IEC 61196-1 (typical value 26dB over 1m/m
at 100MHz [20m/m])

Service Conditions
1.Rated Voltage:AC 0,6/1kV (1,2kV)
DC 0,9/1,5kV (if voltage to earth does not exceed 0,9kV)
2.long time working temperature 90
3.Minimum recommended installation temperature -15 C
Lowest operation temperature -40 C
4.flexible cables for mobile devices,the other cables are fixed laying
cable bending radius while laying is as below

Cable Structure Cable Outer Diameter Minimum Bending Radius
Metal Braided Armored 6D
Non Armored D25 4D
D>25 6D

Our marine cable has been type approved by the following Classification Societies

hisea marine cable certificates
hisea marine cable certificates

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