Lifting Link

Lifting Link:

We are a professional lifting link manufacturer, have been in the field since 1996. To meet the increasing demands of clients, we have manufacture a variety of lifting link. From the difference of shape and function, it can be mainly devided into master link, omega link, clevis link, master link assembly and ring. Lifting ring links the hook of lifting equipment and sling, with multique types such as single and conbination. We stick to ISO9001-2000 and rules of International Society Classifications. Quality control program ensure to meet clientĄ¯s requirement strictly.

Product Features:

1. It is made by drop forged carbon steel and alloy steel

2. Heat treatment: Quenched and tempered

3. Surface finish: Power plastified

4. Testing load is 2 times of WLL, mininum breaking load is 4 times of WLL

5. All links are 100% individually inspected and tested

Safety Notice:

1. Please check it carefully before use.

2. Do not over weight used.

3. Pins and springs should be maintained regularly to prevent brake failure.

4. If there is a phenomenon that it can not pull, please do not pull it with yank power.

Master Link:

Lifting Link

Master Link Assembly:

Lifting Link

Clevis Link:

Lifting Link

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