GB Marine Valve

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GB Marine Valve

GB Marine Valve:

1. Brief Introduction:

We supply GB marine valve with various size. For GB marine valve, it includes globe valve, SDNR valve, check valve, hose valve, gate valve, storm valve, fire hydrant valve, butterfly valve, quick-closing valve, self-closing valve, ball valve, P/V valve filter&strainer, air vent head and other accessories.

2. Application:

It is widely used in shipbuilding and ship repairing.

3. Produce Range:

(1). Material: Bronze, Brass, Stainless Steel, Cast Steel, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron

(2). Diameter: 6 mm-500 mm

(3). Pressure: 0.25Mpa,0.4Mpa.0.6Mpa,1.0Mpa,1.6Mpa,2.5Mpa,4.0Mpa,6.0Mpa,10.0Mpa

4. Advantage:

(1). Deliver goods on time

(2). Keep a great deal of material stock satisfy customer¡¯s needs.

(3). Fast offer, usually quote within two working days.

(4). OEM, ODM is available.

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