Bronze Butterfly Valve

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Bronze Butterfly Valve


Aluminum bronze electric butterfly valve is one of the commonly used valve varieties in industrial pipelines. Dedicated to dustproof and dew condensation conditions, the butterfly valve is small in size, less material, light in weight, and the larger the diameter, the more economical and economical than other valves.

The electric actuator rotates 90กใ and slowly opens, which is easy to operate. At the same time, the valve has good fluid control characteristics, so large-diameter flow regulation, butterfly valve has great advantages. Not suitable for process media with particles and high temperature.

Features and Standards:

The water line design of the sealing valve seat and the flat design of the sealing surface of the valve plate completely avoid the jamming phenomenon caused by the long-term non-opening of the pneumatic valve.

The upper and lower middle holes of the valve plate are designed with spherical friction surface, which has lower torque and better sealing performance.

The valve seat has no backrest design, the torque is light, and it is also convenient for users to replace the valve seat by themselves

Flange to clip hole connection is suitable for various standards, with stainless steel valve body and FTFE valve seat optional.

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Bronze Butterfly Valve

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Bronze Butterfly Valve

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