Synchronous Flash LED Marine Lantern

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Synchronous Flash LED Marine Lantern

Synchronous Flash LED Marine Lantern

Synchronous flash LED marine lantern is the latest developed navigation light device. It adopts the international newest ultra low power consumption GPS module and multi line free configuration large capacity computer chip with low power cosumption and high anti interference

The navigation mark light adopts the integrated structure design that all the function modules are all built in, without any other auxiliary parts, so as to make the whole lamp protection level reach as high as IP68.

The marine lamp is simple to use, that is, as long as the power is switched and then it works automatically. Among 256 kinds of flash character, any kind of them can automatically realize the synchronous flash. Compared with other synchronous flash beacon lights, this light¡¯s static power consumption during the day is less than 36mW, having excellent energy-saving effect.


HS-SL150A synchoronous flash LED marine lantern can be widely used in channels, airport runway, naval training channel and shooting situations etc.

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Techinical Parameters



Working Voltage


Voltage Range


Max. Power Consumption


Quiescent Current


Communication Serial Port


Synchronous Mode


Synchronization Time


Capture Time

£¼1second(occultation time 5s)

£¼3second(occultation time 60s)

Working Temperature


Relative Humidity


Protection Level


Note: HS-SL150A synchronous flash LED marine lantern¡¯s other photoelectric parameters are the same as that of HS-L150A intellegient LED marine lantern.

Synchronous Flash LED Marine Lantern

Drawing of Synchronous Flash LED Marine Lantern

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