Constant Current Flash Syncronisation Navigation Mark Light

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Constant Current Flash Syncronisation Navigation Mark Light

Constant Current Flash Syncronisation Navigation Mark Light

This constant current flash syncronisation navigation mark light is a new green ”°ultra long life lamp”± that is specifically designed for river navigation. It is composed of silicon solar panels, LED light source daylight switch. Lamp cover selects the 120mm Fresnel lens which are formed by Germany imported Polycarbonate material injection molding. The Fresnel lens can focus on light source, improve the luminous intensity and expand the flash divergence angle.

The lamp circuit assembly is controlled by an advanced monolithic computer chip and work stably and reliably according to the intelligent program. The light source life is up to 20 years, called the Өgreen maintenance-free navigation mark light Ӯ.


Used for airport runway or inland navigation marks

Technical Parameter



Working Voltage

DC:3.6V(within 5%)

Quiescent Current


Flash Frequency

Light or Flash 20~60 times/minute (adjustable)

Flash Precision


Effective Light Intensity



Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue

Light Sensitivity

50~300LX adjustable

Working Condition


Light Range


Battery Capacity


Outline Dimension

150mm ”Įheight 280mm

Installation Dimension

Pitch Circle 100mm even distributed 3*10mm hole

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